AutoExec Reach Desk Front Seat with Built-in Power Inverter


  • Ergonomic - Brings laptop over to driver, wrist support
  • Hidden_Storage - Secure Office Essentials and Keep Hidden
  • Manufacturer - AutoExec, Inc.
  • Slide_out_arm - extends work surface creating extra long
  • Colors - Grey

 The desk has a slide out arm that extends the work tray another 23” from the edge of the desk, providing an extra long “reach” over to the mobile worker. Placing the work surface right next to the user seated in the front of the vehicle. The tray comes with a non-slip pad, providing extra security so the laptop or tablet with keyboard won’t move around while working. There is an additional security strap for a laptop or a tablet with a built-in keyboard. Keep all of your valuables safe with the hidden storage space located beneath the desk work surface.

Staying organized and securing loose items is important to the mobile worker and securing your office essentials improves productivity and reduces distractions. The Reach Desk can be placed in the front passenger seat and an additional “cam-buckle” is included to help counter the extra weight while the arm is fully extended. The Reach Desk is ideal for larger trucks like the F-150 up to the F-450.