AutoExec Efficiency FileMaster with Built-in Power Inverter


  • With capacity for 50 or more hanging files, this desk is a must-have for mobile workers who need a great deal of filing space to keep papers organized and efficient.
  • A special opening in the top of the desk creates a second storage area for hanging file folders. The file folders face the driver which makes it easier to see and access.
  • The remaining top surface of the desk is covered with the rubber Non-skid material – this ensures that a laptop, briefcase, PDA, or cell phone will keep from sliding while the vehicle is in motion.
  • The large storage area is great for office tools and accessories and also for keeping a laptop hidden out-of-sight. Additional storage compartments hold small supplies such as pens, maps, etc.
  • This desk model is ideal for those needing quick access to files and mobile equipment and at the same time needing work space to write.
  • Super Auto Exec File Master includes a power inventor: allows you to plug in and power external devices.
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Dimensions: 26” from back of desk to the front (toward the dash)
  • Non-skid area is 10” x 17”
  • 11” in height at the widest part of the plastic base
  • Storage area under the desk: 13 ½” W x 12” D x 5” H
  • Hanging file space: 3 ¼” W x 9” D x 12” across for standard size handing file folders
  • Additional file storage area provides 4 ½” of additional room for handing file folders

Get the most out of your tablet with the universal tablet holder. With interchangeable cup ends, you can fit the holder to your tablet for a near custom fit. This spring loaded design makes it easy to load and unload your tablet, along with keeping it secure while on the go. Cup ends are designed to optimize the functionality of your tablet, allowing access to audio jacks, USB power, and other ports. Your tablet can be used just as it was intended.

The universal mount is compatible with Apple iPads as well as any other tablet that will fit the cradle dimensions listed below.