AirObic Mouse Ergonomic Mouse


  • The AirO2bic Mouse is optical - no cleaning a roller ball and it's highly accurate.
  • Available for the right or left hand.
  • USB is the recommended method of connection as it is 'Plug n Play'- (does not require a driver or software to be loaded onto your computer)
  • PS/2 Adapter and driver for Window.
  • Windows and Mac compatible - Plug n Play connection to your PC or Mac.
  • 3 Mouse Button Design.
  • Scroll Wheel for ease of Internet operation.
  • Detailed Manual with Posture Recommendations.
  • Dimensions – base: 8" x 3 1/4" x 3 1/2" height.
  • Color: Available in pearl or onyx.

 Recently recognized by the Arthritis Foundation, The AirO2bic Mouse patented Grip-Less computer mouse has an integrated Wrist Guide that maintains the hand, wrist and arm in the most optimal position providing for lowest physical (biomechanical) load. Designed to allow users to work in a position that Ergonomists and Therapists call 'Functional Neutral'. This is a position in which you are able to perform work while in a 'Neutral' or near resting posture. The curved "Wrist Guard" stops the strain of wrists flexing and the sidewall and button mound allow grip-less movement.