Auto Exec GripMaster Versatile Desk


  • Rubber Non-Slip Work Surface for Securing Smaller Objects
  • File Storage Compartment
  • Pull-Out Work Surface for Writing and Working on While Seated in Vehicle
  • Larger Storage Area for Hiding and Securing Larger Valuables
  • Seat-Belt Security Compartment
  • Smaller Storage Compartments
Strap the AutoExec Desk into your front passenger seat with the vehicle seat belt, and establish a spacious versatile work space right next to you.  A large slide-out writing surface creates a two-tiered 24" x 16" desk that is strong enough to support a laptop.  The non-skid rubber pad keeps your laptop from sliding around.  A hidden storage compartment below the desktop stows your laptop, tablet, cell phone and folio out of sight.  Sculpted base nestles right into the contours of the seat, creating a flat work surface.  A generous tub file lets you suspend a dozen or more hanging files, with additional compartments for pens and other office supplies.  Although lightweight and portable, AutoExec's thoughtful design and rigid construction creates a solid, stable mobile office.  So you can turn waster hours away from the office into productive ones.