Contour Design RollerMouse Pro2, RM-PRO2-BLK


  • Revolutionary roller bar provides single finger point and click functionality
  • Adjustable click force on rollerbar (5 levels of tension) using simple knob under RollerMouse. (Rollerbar click function can be disabled using dip switch if user prefers using buttons)
  • Smooth sliding steel rollerbar coated with soft rubber for excellent feel and cursor control
  • Long Lasting - Optical sensor reads bar movement using the latest technology, nothing to wear out
  • 5 user definable buttons and a scroll wheel
  • Buttons configurable for Click, Double-Click and Draglock via dip switches or software (depends on version)
  • PC and Mac compatible (USB device with PS2 adapter included)
  • Soft but firm lycra wrist rest support. Removable for easy cleaning
  • 20-7/8" Wide x 11-3/8" Deep x 1-1/4" High (all measurements from maximum locations)


System Requirements:

  • PC with available USB or PS2 port, serial ports are NOT supported
  • Macintosh with available USB port only, no ADB support available
  • Recommended for use with 101 key "straight" style keyboards, or Split Keyboards such as the Goldtouch and the Kinesis Freestyle
  • Supported by virtually all operating systems with USB or PS2 support. (Some Operating Systems require driver to enable Scroll Wheel support).
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Color: Black

The RollerMouse Pro has cursor control bar with nearly seven inches of bar access. Contour Design’s RollerMouse Pro2 ergonomic mouse encourages the equal use of both your hands. With the mouse buttons centered beneath the keyboard home keys, mouse control is equidistant from either hand. The RollerMouse Pro2 allows you to keep your elbows comfortably by your side, supporting a beneficial ergonomic posture.
There is no gripping necessary with the RollerMouse Pro2 computer mouse, thus avoiding the threat of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. The RollerMouse Pro2 is controlled with the use of an unflexed hand, so you do not clutch or grip the mousing device.Your fingertips roll a narrow bar both up and down and from side to side to navigate the cursor over the entire screen, with little friction or resistance.

The RollerMouse Pro2 has been designed to fit right below your keyboard and/or laptop.Ambidextrous use is encouraged and easily accomplished with your command buttons literally at your fingertips, for both hands. This places the mousing controls just a few inches below the home keys, keeping your hands within a small work area, eliminating large reaching motions as well as asymmetrical reaching. The RollerMouse Pro2 stops and prevents pain from Repetitive Strain Injuries. Computer users no longer reach twelve to eighteen inches to the side to navigate a traditional mouse, which prevents pain in the neck and shoulder areas. With no hand gripping, hand strain is reduced. The central navigation and button controls promote the use of both hands, which s a substantial ergonomic benefit.