Mouse Slider



  • Gel pad measures 3"W x 2" D  with a slippery (poly-ethylene) backing
  • Mouse Slipper will "ride" (like a sled) along with mouse providing a raised padded surface for wrist.
  • Sticky tape ready for mouse to attach.
  • Blue silky cover (lycra)
  • Black 3 in x 3.5 in poly “sled” backing
  • Double sticky tape to fasten mouse (not pictured)

A Cube Solutions original. Designed and created with the input of a highly respected ergonomist. This mouse support attaches (adhevise tape) to the rear side of the mice and is designed to trail the it as it is operated, providing the user with constant support while promoting a neutral wrist position. The gel pad is soft, supple and resilient. It sits a thin polyethylene card which moves easily across a desk surface with little friction.