Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard



  • The keyboard design follows the symmetric shape and neutral position of the body, promoting a healthier posture, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and increasing productivity.
  • The unique columnar non-staggered key arrangement leads to more efficient typing, allowing the user’s arms to rest naturally at the sides and with straighter wrists while working.
  • Manufactured using High Reliability, Soft Tactile, Kailh Next-Generation (Cherry MX-Type Brown) mechanical key switches that feature an independent mechanism for each key. Delivers better quality and sturdy feel compared to other switches. Low activation force provides a gentle tactile feedback that is very kind to user's hands. Life expectancy of more than 60 million keystrokes - more than 10 times longer than conventional keyboards.
  • Small footprint design includes 100% of standard keys in 60% of the usual space, using full-size keycaps in a logical and comfortable key arrangement. Allows the mouse to be close to the body's neutral position thereby reducing hand travel stretching for the mouse minimizing wrist and neck pain.
  • All Truly Ergonomic keyboards integrate a high-quality, removable, and cushioned palmrest for support when needed; when removed provides an even smaller footprint.
  • Includes an easy to use non-staggered embedded numeric keypad.
  • Fully programmable, allowing for tailored and unique key configurations, with the ability to create several personalized custom layouts at the same time.
  • Features N key rollover (6-NKRO by USB), also known as anti-ghosting, where each press of the key is correctly detected regardless of how many other keys are being pressed at the same time.
  • Includes the US and DVORAK layouts pre-programmed amongst others.
  • Works with Windows®, OS X®, and Linux®
  • Two models available: Model 227 and Model 229
    • Model 227 (TEK-S-227-US) has wide Alt keys, and one Windows key located at the top-center. Works with ANSI and ISO layouts.
    • Model 229 (TEK-S-229-US) has standard-size Alt keys, one Windows key located at the top-center, and additional Windows and Menu keys located at the lower corners. Works with ANSI, ISO, and JIS layouts. Provides easier usage under OSX.


  • Our "US" models have printed letters/symbols that correspond to the ANSI US QWERTY layout. The secondary Backspace key located at the top right side of the layout can be set for use for international ISO/JIS layouts via DIP switches.
  • The Truly Ergonomic keyboard includes DIP switches to simplify changing key functionality between different Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, or OS X, and changing amongst diverse keyboard layouts/languages, for their preferred language or layout including required symbols and accents, without the need to install any software.
  • All Truly Ergonomic keyboards are equally programmable. As Model 229 has two additional keys compared to Model 227, customers can consider Model 229 if additional programming functionality is required.
  • Language Layout : US ANSI
  • Connection: USB Type-A cable.
  • Cable length: 6 ft. (183 cm)
  • Switch Type: Soft Tactile Kailh Next-Generation (Cherry MX-Type Brown)
  • Dimensions: 12.9 x 9.2 in (330 x 235 mm)
  • Weight: 2.6 lb. (1.2 Kg)

The Truly Ergonomic keyboard is a critical upgrade from traditional keyboard designs. For well over a century, keyboards have been based on the 'rows of staggered keys' arrangement introduced in typewriters in the 1860s. Improving on that, the Truly Ergonomic keyboard is symmetric and features a unique linear, non‑staggered, split‑symmetric columnar key arrangement that aligns effortlessly with the user's correct posture. This design takes the human body's symmetric shape and neutral position into consideration.

The Truly Ergonomic keyboard is designed for comfort and productivity: It has been developed specifically to help reduce pain and help avoid injuries caused by typing, and its revolutionary key layout improves typing efficiency. The Truly Ergonomic keyboard promotes a healthy posture and so helps reduce wrist, shoulder, neck, and lower back pain and strains. It also helps diminish the risk of work‑related conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, and other Repetitive Strain Injuries, and its compact design reduces strain caused by stretching for the mouse.

The Truly Ergonomic keyboard is manufactured using high-quality high-reliability mechanical key switches. Each of these feature an independent response mechanism (a feature not present on conventional keyboards), provides a gentle feedback, and preserve their tactile feel over their full lifetime of more than 60 million keystrokes (more than 10 times longer than conventional keyboards). The key switches are mounted to a sturdy metal plate, instead of directly to the PCB, reducing stress to the PCB and prolonging the life of the keyboard.

The Truly Ergonomic keyboard has a compact design with a small footprint, incorporating 100% of the standard keyboard keys in 60% of the usual space, while featuring full‑sized keycaps in a comfortable key arrangement. This small size helps as well to allow the mouse to be placed close to the body's neutral position, minimizing wrist and shoulder pain from stretching for the mouse.

All Truly Ergonomic keyboards integrate a high‑quality cushioned and detachable palmrest. Firmly attached with screws for a strong build, provides support when needed and removing it allows for an even smaller footprint.

Moreover, all Truly Ergonomic keyboards' keycaps have a different profile‑shape per row, and have a concave cylindrical shaped top. Having this profile‑shape and concavity gives you an advantage, because not only does it feel better, but it also helps you feel where to position your fingers properly, without accidentally slipping over to an adjacent key.

Truly Ergonomic keyboards incorporate Full N‑key rollover (NKRO), also known as anti‑ghosting, where each key is correctly detected despite other keys being pressed at the same time (up to 6-KRO plus modifiers by USB specifications).

Additionally, the Truly Ergonomic keyboard also features a columnar non-staggered embedded numeric keypad, media control keys, all keys are fully programmable allowing for a personalized custom layout, and works with Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems.

The Truly Ergonomic keyboard is a Revolution in Typing and it has the perfect combination of Ergonomics and Mechanical Switches.